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What is MyHouse-Central?

With life moving at an ever increasing pace we find ourselves looking for new ways to interact, communicate and share common interests. This is ever prevalent in the realm of music, with artists and producers alike searching for the right people to collaborate and create with. An individual’s drive and passion to succeed needs to stand out from the crowd. MyHouse offers a unique platform that will allow you to leverage your talent, engage with others and make it happen. Create your own profile, share promotional links to other social media tools, integrate your Soundcloud files and cut through the noise to get noticed. 


The site includes an intuitive directory, allowing you to navigate with ease to find others by location, gender or skill.  In addition to this you can list yourself in the comprehensive directory in order for others to locate and be led to your profile. With all these tools to hand you can concentrate on finding your way and achieving all your goals.


 Cut through the noise, promote yourself, find your way.


How do I join MyHouse-Central?

Sign up using an existing Facebook account (it is free and takes seconds) OR you can set up a new login just for MyHouse-Central. SelectSign up just below the search bar.


How can I Promote myself?

Submit a directory listing in the Library under ‘Promote Myself’
Invite those you have worked with to leave feedback about your service. (You can tag multiple directory listings to one Profile if you are multi talented.) The more feedback you get on your directory listing the higher you will rank in the search. You may even feature in the 'Popular HouseMates' banner which is displayed on every page of the site.


How can I add audio files to my directory listing?

You can upload your existing Soundcloud files and tag them to your profile under ‘MyAudio’ in the Studio.


What is Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is an audio platform that enables anyone to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds across the internet, in a simple, accessible and feature-rich way. It enables any audio creators to collaborate on projects, receive feedback on their work and ultimately share their creations with anyone, anywhere. Set up a free account HERE.


How can I listen to audio files whilst moving around MyHouse?

Each audio file has a play button to the left. Additionally, if you want to move to another page and continue listening select the 'Play in MyHouse player' icon underneath the audio file and this will play in a pop out window.


What is the difference between a 'Demo mix' and 'Production'?

A demo mix is largely for DJ's to showcase their mixing ability and style of numerous tracks. Production is something YOU have created and will be ONE track.


What is the difference between a ‘Profile’ and a ‘Directory listing’?

A profile tells other HouseMates about you as a person. Everyone should have a profile. A directory listing is for you to promote a skill or a service you are offering. Not everyone will need a directory listing.


How do I invite friends to MyHouse-Central?

You can invite friends to join MyHouse-Central and become a HouseMate in the Hall under ‘MyCommunications’
You can also become a fan of our Facebook page. This action will then be viewed by your friends in your activity feed.


What is the best way to sign up for MyHouse-Central?

MyHouse-Central encourages you to use your existing network to propel you further and get you where you need to be. Facebook signup will give you quick and easyaccess and also vastly improves your user experience, opportunities and overall success. If you do not wish to use Facebook you can set up a unique MyHouse profile.


How can I network, find out how to do things I am unfamiliar with and overcome barriers to what I want to do in the music & entertainment industry?

The forum is there for you to communicate with other HouseMates who may have what you need, be that knowledge or equipment or whatever. Feel free to pose questions, post a wanted advert or just share knowledge others may find useful. You can do this in the living room under ‘Network’. It goes to say the more people you can interact with the better so be sure to invite your industry friends too.


If you have any questions not answered above please feel free to pose them HERE.